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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Parental Advisory, Explicit Song Lyrics

Just like chocolate melts all over ice cream babe, I wanna pour myself all over you.

Ray Parker Jr

I remember hearing the lyrics of the Ray Parker Jr song above when I was younger and being horified about how explicit the lyrics were. Snoop came along and by this time I was desensitized enough that while I lamented the loss of innocence of pop to also appreciate the innovative nature of the music. Roll on to 2007 and having heard Eminem intimate that he wants to rape his own mother in a song, it is difiicult for music to shock me anymore.

Do song lyrics really matter at all? Does it matter what the artiste is saying if its got a good beat to it? Seal once said one of the reasons he never put the lyrics of his songs in the album cover was so that people could interpret a song in a personal way.

Are the lyrics in contemporary music stealing the innocence of our children or am I thinking this way just cause I'm now seriously considering taking a step that will bring little Morountodun's into the world and thus being forced to look at the world we live in?

For those of you who are Tupac fans like I am, you will recognise the name of the late Delores Tucker who was a critic of Mr Shakur's lyrics so much so that he chose to rap about her in 'How do you want it?' "Delores Tucker you's a motherf**ker / Instead of trying to help a n***a you destroy your brother".

R. Kelly in his song 'I Wish' sings "Radio, please don't take the N***a out of this song..." Should profanity have a place in popular music? (Come on Guys you know Hip Hop is not alone in being to blame for this either) .

Isn't there something else Akon could have sung about in his song "I wanna love you"? Or at least been subtle about his intentions? I don't have the answers, I am just asking the questions.


Blogger vindication through innocence said...

im new huere!!-very interesting read i must say!!Most music genres accomodate profanity in some kind- apart from gospel music!!

We can even look at fela- expensive shit- fair enough, the song is amazing with regards to lyrical content but the swear word in the song title was for shock value-
i think profanity in music is for shock value- to make people think 'ohh, she/he/ just said a rude word' but it doesnt have any my dad says- it just shows a severly limited vocab!
nice blog.

1:11 pm, July 07, 2007  
Blogger classybabe said...

It's very rare nowadays not to find profanity in any song,even nigerian artistes have joined the bandwagon.I am so used to it right now that it usually goes unnoticed.
I guess it's what sells their music and it's like if u cant beat them join them for any artiste now

10:58 pm, July 07, 2007  
Blogger Kafo said...

i remember in the 90's songs like
"Can we talk for a minute, girl I want to know your name"

now we are at
"I'm hot cuz i not, u ain's cuz your not"

seriously when it comes to profanity it isn't going to get better
and the sooner we all come to grips with that reality the easier it will be for us to change our prefernces instead of mourning the good ole days

let mii just say this

i miss the good ole days


3:25 am, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Omosewa said...

I used to say my kids wont watch tv or listen to radio, i conveniently forgot they'll have to go to school, LOL. I see what you mean, and this is part of the reason i dont listen to rap, 'cause really at the end of it all, we're products of what we read, listen to etc.

Yes o, those embassies have taken enough money from me...125 today, 150 tomorrow, what to do, shebi i carried my two legs here,LOL.

3:18 pm, July 11, 2007  
Blogger catwalq said...

What you listen to is where your consciousness is. if you allow sounds of filth and deprivation, so also will your life.
I am nobody's bitch and do not come from a household where anyone is. Parents have their work cut out for them now more than ever because it is impossible to shield your wards from the horrors out there. They are exposed too early and too much to things that they have no business attempting to comprehend and urban music is not helping matters.
Due to the nature of the lyrics, it is hard for many clear thinking adults to sit down and listen to it. This drives a wedge between them and their youth and it becomes even harder for the parents to connect with their children.

1:21 am, July 13, 2007  
Blogger Manda said...

if i like the beats of a song, then i play it always. For the lyrics, i never bother wit it. My boss once put off his car radio out of anger when he heard this naija artiste talking about boobs, backsides, f**k n all wat

He said music has lost it's worth.

10:24 am, July 25, 2007  
Blogger nneoma said...

I think Delores Tucker and the response to her form the balck community fits well with my comments on race before gender and vice versa. Here she choose to fight against misogyny in rap for the sake of the black woman and then Tupac claims that she's trying to "destroy a brother" that is, she is a race traitor. Interesting.

I havent thought much about what the little Nneoma's will be listening to when i have them. hopefully not this. But I do hope that when they are chanced to hear such they will realize that such filth in rap and hip-hop that we see in the mainstream is not all that there is. Hip-hop I maintain is a beautifully created genre of black artistic expression - it is just sad that it has been bastardized by money and hos cult. Unfortunately it is this cult that produces the most catchy beats and dance tunes. I do hope that my own children will sample from a large distribution of different types of music. I think that is where the sensible of this world is heading to.

By the way, I have a love-hate relationship with Akon that is bordering more towards hate. After such lyrics and his overly sexual on stage exploits with an underage teen I have distanced myself from his music.

7:28 pm, March 16, 2008  
Anonymous Dalila said...

You write very well.

5:32 am, November 11, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the top of your web page in the title bar, it says .....

You cannot bold a title bar... You should fix this because I would find it pretty embarrassing.

10:20 pm, June 05, 2009  
Blogger Morountodun said...

Thanks Anonymous not embarassing at all. Was simply trying my hand at html editing

1:06 pm, June 15, 2009  
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